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I struggle with the idea of links posts: it’s lazy writing in so many ways. But with the unveiling of the iPad*, I now think of them as Bathroom Reader Fodder. As a dedicated worker in the “corner office” I’m going to start putting out Posts de Toilette as a gift to fellow travelers.


- If you didn’t see it, here’s Prez O rumblin with the Republicans. Even if you don’t like politics, you should watch. It’s the most remarkably forthright discussion of politics I can remember seeing. Granted, that means about 65% real talk, but let’s take what we can get, hmm?

- The Rapid Evolution Of Text, Out Less Literate Future. Will there be beautiful writing in the future? I’m more sanguine than the writer, but still good stuff.

- Media Theory Nerdery: great summary of the New Conventional Wisdom for the future of journalism in futurist circles.

- Jozen speaks out in defense of smiley faces, loofahs, and singing along with Whitney Houston and still being considered a man. As a man who sings along to Beyonce and the odd Sarah Vaughan track: co-signed.

- The facade of College Town Liberalism crumbles slightly, as a New Haven, CT bookstore allows Hispanic staff to speak Spanish only out of the earshot of customers.

- Rod Dreher on the pains of conversion.

- Australian paramedics ask for bans on pool cues and glasswear in pubs for public safety. Australian drunk = awesome drunk.

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January 30, 2010 at 9:47 pm

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