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So, Brian Williams is pissed at Mark McGwire for taking steroids, which pisses off the guys at Eschaton.

Lying is something that can be proclaimed only for what a “baseball player” like Mark McGwire ever did or said. Certainly it cannot be uttered against a mere President, like George Bush.

Agreed, but tentatively so. I agree that it is infuriating that a lowly baseball player’s rhetoric is scrutinized and labeled with absolute terms that are withheld from the language of political leaders. The craven and suck-up nature of the media is pathetic. The reason Brian Williams can crack down on McGwire with such vigor is because he is not dependent on McGwire for access. If Williams were to call Michael Steele a buffoon (rightly so) or the Obama administration disappointingly obscurantist (also deserved), he would be frozen out of any news cycle for years. Thus the laughable outrage at someone who’s primary contribution to society was hitting a ball with a stick.

I’m loathe to give a full co-sign to a post, however, when it just links to one party’s leaders. Both parties have liars in them (although hardly equal amounts of liars), and the media/Beltway establishment enables them both.

The sooner a pox is declared against the entirety of the governmental culture, the sooner we can effectively use our outrage.


Written by C.S. Stieber

January 12, 2010 at 10:21 pm

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