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“This isn’t Detroit. This is the Super Bowl!”

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For those who follow me on Twitter (feed at right, page here), you know that yesterday was far too much fun for a playoff football Sunday. Between  the Colts dismantling the Jets and, oh, Fumble Heaven With An Extra Large Helping Of Favre-enfreude, it was a very good day.

A secondary joy of the Minnesota meltdown was knowing that Paul Allen, Vikings play-by-play man and homer extraordinaire would have an epic response. The man lives and dies by the team’s success (just go to YouTube and search “Paul Allen Vikings” to see what I mean), and the last-second interception by Favre, killing any chance at a game-winning field goal to send them to the Super Bowl, was the ultimate Stomach Punch.

Mr. Allen did not disappoint.

Also, courtesy of Pete Prose, we get this Vikings fan reaction. There’s a perverse joy in watching fans react to disappointing results on the field. It’s part “Thank God That’s Not Me” and part “I Would Say The Exact Same Thing In Said Situation”.

(Audio NSFW unless f-bombs are S at your W-place)

1000% Funny Sauce


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January 25, 2010 at 10:58 pm

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