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Posts De Toilette II

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– In honor of the Winter Olympics, I present to you the forever-best piece on it by Reihan Salam, White Snow, Brown Rage. “I hungered for a mahogany man-killer who would avenge me on the slopes”, and “a pestilential backwater full of wild-eyed mystics” are lines for the ages.

North Dakotans most satisfied, Nevadans least satisfied with quality of life.

-A senior editor at SB Nation goes to his first mixed martial arts event, and falls in love with it. For those who don’t know, I’m obsessed with the sport.

-Adam Serwer muses over a hip-hop anthology and the question of the form as high art.

-“Over the past half century, technological evolution has made it progressively harder to get big things done in this country, and now it’s just about impossible.” Interesting read from Robert Wright.

A really dense critique of Citizens United. Not sure if I agree, not sure if I disagree, but it was a great brain workout.

-Blockbuster would still be around with section titles like these. Fightin’ and Boobies indeed.


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February 13, 2010 at 9:47 pm

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Posts de Toilette: Links

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I struggle with the idea of links posts: it’s lazy writing in so many ways. But with the unveiling of the iPad*, I now think of them as Bathroom Reader Fodder. As a dedicated worker in the “corner office” I’m going to start putting out Posts de Toilette as a gift to fellow travelers.


– If you didn’t see it, here’s Prez O rumblin with the Republicans. Even if you don’t like politics, you should watch. It’s the most remarkably forthright discussion of politics I can remember seeing. Granted, that means about 65% real talk, but let’s take what we can get, hmm?

The Rapid Evolution Of Text, Out Less Literate Future. Will there be beautiful writing in the future? I’m more sanguine than the writer, but still good stuff.

– Media Theory Nerdery: great summary of the New Conventional Wisdom for the future of journalism in futurist circles.

– Jozen speaks out in defense of smiley faces, loofahs, and singing along with Whitney Houston and still being considered a man. As a man who sings along to Beyonce and the odd Sarah Vaughan track: co-signed.

– The facade of College Town Liberalism crumbles slightly, as a New Haven, CT bookstore allows Hispanic staff to speak Spanish only out of the earshot of customers.

– Rod Dreher on the pains of conversion.

– Australian paramedics ask for bans on pool cues and glasswear in pubs for public safety. Australian drunk = awesome drunk.

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January 30, 2010 at 9:47 pm

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