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Stop With The Demonization of the Tea Parties and Start Making Some Real Critiques

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Okay, I’m back.

So sorry for the silence, I’ve been getting acquainted with my new job/internship (don’t know if I can say where, so I won’t), which is taking up a chunk of my day.

If you follow the gist of this blog you can probably guess what dragged me back into the opinion-spouting: the Tea Party convention.

Allow me to start with a qualifier? Okay: the very existence of the Tea Party groups and their shenanigans doesn’t raise my ire, the incredibly crappy analysis of the Tea Party groups by those on the Left does. I’ve long accepted the existence of People Who Disagree With Me, and there are very few opinions out there that I find upsetting. So while I disagree with probably 80% of what the Tea Partiers stand for (and, let’s remember that their very positions are indeterminable at best), the reporting and analysis is so crapulescent that I feel the need to sympathize with the groups. All that to say this: what I’m going to write will, at times, sound pro-Tea Party, but please don’t think I’m one of them. It’s just that one of the rules of this here blog is: “If You’re Going To Criticize, Know Your Stuff And Do It Right.”


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February 9, 2010 at 2:41 am

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Yay Irony! Self-Identified Geniuses Live in Vegas and Mississippi!

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There’s something deeper here, but I don’t have the time to analyze it at the moment. First, an OkCupid! survey polling the percentage of self-identified “geniuses” in all 50 states. The higher the percentage, the more green the state color, the more humble, the redder.

Aaaaand here’s a list of the states ranked by percentage of high school graduation. For those too lazy to click through…

  • Top 5: Alaska, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, and Iowa
  • Bottom 5: Alabama, West Virginia, Texas, Kentucky…and Mississippi.

At least West Virginia knows what it’s got, and knowing a few West Virginians, they’re okay with that.

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January 22, 2010 at 9:51 pm

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Haiti and the Heights of Eco-Lunacy

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From The Root, on the rebuilding of Haiti:

Yet many urban planners, architects and developers are seeing a silver lining in the near-total destruction of a major Haitian city. “It would be a small silver lining if in three years, we see a more sustainable Haiti, with energy efficient, healthy, disaster resistant buildings that makes the nation more resilient to future electricity shortages, public health crises and disasters,” says Matthew Peterson, CEO of Global Green, a sustainable development consulting firm with strong ties to the New Orleans recovery effort.

I really bow to very few in my green-ness. I’m a CFL’ed-out, recycling, locavore-when-possible Boulderite. But I’ve also worked overseas in 3rd world conditions and know that, in many ways, the Green movement, just like my vegetarianism, is the luxury of a 1st world citizen. Because we rarely have epidemics, droughts, famines, or civil wars, I can support local farmers and choose to forgo meat. I can’t expect that of the rest of the world: I can kvetch and moan as loud as I like, but the incontrovertible fact is that as a nation grows wealthier its diet turns to protein-heavy sources and carbon heavy lifestyles. It’s only after achieving a near-historical wealth that a country can turn to an eco-conscious ethic.

But many people in the eco-movement are near-goosestepping ideologues in their fanaticism. Oftentimes they will choose policy over people in their zeal. To suggest that we not pressure the poorer nations to conform to our environmental standards is blasphemous. All must fall in line with the accepted wisdom, circumstances be damned. In one of the best man-with-a-hammer-sees-only-nails moments in years, see the above-mentioned Mr. Peterson, who hopes for a “more sustainable Haiti”.

May I ask: what the hell is he talking about?

Some brief graph work to prove my point:

So, pre-earthquake, Haiti was emitting CO2 at 1/3 the rate of Papua New Guinea and 1/5 the rate of Zim-frickin-babwe. Yeah, that’s a pretty unsustainable environmental policy.

I had to start with those countries because the next chart will show just how unpolluting all 3 of those countries are compared to the USA and Denmark, one of the greenest Western countries:

So when a USA greenie asks for us to consider how to make Haiti more environmentally sustainable, I’m going to go with the standard “STFU, you insulated ass.”

Frankly, I think the people of Haiti would have benefited by a less green economy defending themselves from natural disasters. If the Google Maps images and news footage are any indicator, Haiti is the perfect example of a “leave-no-trace” country, and its citizens are suffering for it.

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January 19, 2010 at 5:18 pm

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